The action plan is as follows:
1. Recruit family, friends, loved ones and others in your network to support this initiative.
2. Donate to the youth movement inside the Congo!
3. Share information we provide from the ground and other key sources via social media. Use the hashtag #Telema and follow @Congocrisis @Congofriends and @Kambale on Twitter
4. Develop a list of key media contacts that we can send information to regularly.
5. Sign up to volunteer to translate documents, do research, write statements and assist with social media

The time is now to stand with the Congolese youth. Monday, December 19th sets of a series of actions to force President Kabila to respect the constitution and step down. They have asked for our support in two areas:
1. Caring for the afflicted (food, water, medical care)
2. Backing their mobilization efforts (equipment, transportation, materials)

As the youth mobilize on the inside, we need to do the same on the outside. In addition to delivering financial and material support to the youth, we need to do the following on the outside:
1. Amplify the message from the ground
2. Mobilize global support