‪#‎Telema‬ : What is that we are calling for?

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As it relates to the ‪#‎Telema‬ uprising in Congo, what is that we are calling for?

1. The United Nations or other international bodies to do an investigation into the killing of dozens of Congolese civilians, a large number of which were youth and students.

2. The global community to send an unequivocal and clear message to the government of the DRC and President Kabila personally that he will be held personally accountable for the death of innocent Congolese who are merelyexercising their constitutional right to assemble.

3. The US government adhere to its laws in particular Public Law 109-456, sponsored by President Obama when he was a senator, which calls in the US government to support Democracy in the DRC.

What are our demands to the Congolese government?

1. It holds accountable any and all security forces who assaulted and killed unarmed Congolese civilians and those who stole dead bodies in the hospitals of Kinshasa.

2. It releases all political prisoners.

3. It reestablishes communication via sms and internet in the country.

4. It abandons all attempt to remain in power at any cost.

What message do we encourage people to use during rallies?

– An international investigation must be pursued in what transpired in the Congo in January 2015 during the #Telema protests.

– According to Human Rights watch, 21 innocent civilians were killed by Congolese security forces

– The president of Congo’s National Assembly, Aubin Minaku acknowledged on Twitter that Congo’s security forces were responsible for deaths of Congolese

– Congo’s security forces fired live bullets into crowd of unarmed demonstrators

– Arbritarry arrests and the snatching of dead bodies were carried out by Congo’s security forces

Here are Sign/Banner Suggestions:

Prosecute the bloody Congolese President Joseph Kabila

it is not a crime to assemble and March in the Congo

End the impunity in the Congo now

#Telema – Rise Up for democracy in Congo

STOP Abritrary Arrests in Congo

Black Lives Matter in Congo – Kabila Stop Killing Innocents

XX Days and counting since the Kabila regime has shut down Internet, SMS & Social Media

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